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It’s a cold crisp day here in Pennsylvania, a little snow has fallen and life seems to have taken a breath and slowed down a little. We have been having a mild winter but days like this remind us that there are four seasons and each has something different to offer. Today I will take a walk in the woods and enjoy the sounds of winter peace. There will be enough time later as the days get longer and the weather gets milder to pursue our building agenda, after all, it is all about the journey.

~Rick Hearne

Recent News:

There has been no slowing down for Hearne Hardwoods since the calendar rolled over into 2008- Rick Hearne has taken several buying trips to Europe. During a stop in England, he acquired some beautiful English Brown Oak. Not long after, a trip to Germany proved just as fruitful securing some gorgeous Sycamore lumber.

Kyle Wegman attended a three-day training session on Festool products in Las Vegas, Nevada. He had a fantastic time learning about the latest and greatest products from Instructor Steve Bace.

Our Flooring Manager, Chris Tankalavage, hit the 2008 Surfaces Flooring Show- Las Vegas once again put on a great show! Chris met with customers, made new contacts and learned about the newest trends.

Currently "Down Under", Brian Hearne has spent the past couple of weeks enjoying warm Australia hunting burls and Tasmanian Blackwood logs.  (Yes, we are all jealous.)

picture of australian burls

~Australian Burls

Internet Store: Kingwood

If you are looking for material for a one of a kind project, check out our Kingwood. Crazy combinations of deep dark purples, bright plums, and fantastic golds! Sometimes referred to as Violet Wood or Violetta, Kingwood grows in Brazil. A true member of the rosewood family, the wood has an extremely tight grain, is very dense, and cannot usually be found in wide or long material. Arguably it's best feature, Kingwood doesn’t loose its vibrant colors as it oxidizes. For more information on Kingwood- click here.

Click Here to view available Kingwood on our Internet Store.


~We strive to make your online shopping experience as easy as possible. Please email us with any suggestions that you may have to improve our site and/or with any items that you would like to see featured for sale. Contact us at [email protected].

example photo of kingwood

Newsletter Specials of the Month:

Skip your spring cleaning by installing a new floor!

English Pippy Oak Flooring-a great opportunity to purchase a rare and unusual floor at an affordable price! Normally $22 a square foot, Newsletter Subscribers can purchase a Pippy Oak floor during the month of March for $14 a square foot!

English Pippy Oak has soft brown heartwood with curious burl patterns scattered throughout. Floorboards will contain sapwood, along with some sound and unsound knots. Boards are cut at random 3"-6" inch widths and 2'-8' foot lengths. Minimum purchase 200 square feet. For more pictures and information on our English Pippy Oak Flooring- Click Here. Any further questions about our hardwood floors or to place an order please call and ask for our flooring manager, Chris Tankalavage, (888) 814 - 0007 or e-mail Chris at [email protected].


Black Walnut Rustic Flooring- Searching for a quality floor for minimal cost... look no further!! Hearne Hardwoods is running an unheard of special for our newsletter subscribers only- Black Walnut Rustic Flooring for $4.50 a square foot!!!!

Our Rustic Black Walnut flooring is made with heartwood and sapwood. It will contain sound knots and some worm holes. Boards are cut at random 3"-5" inch widths and 2'-8' foot lengths. Minimum purchase 200 square feet. For more pictures and information on our Rustic Black Walnut Flooring- Click Here. Any further questions about our hardwood floors or to place an order please call and ask for our flooring manager, Chris Tankalavage, (888) 814 - 0007 or e-mail Chris at [email protected].




Back By Popular Demand...

5/4 Heavy Figured Tiger Maple: We had such a good response to this past special and continual interest we are re-running our Heavy Tiger Maple Special.

A fantastic opportunity for the woodworker looking to make panels, jewelry boxes, or any project using two-foot pieces: Several of our heavy figured 5/4 Tiger Maple flitches were dried improperly- the drying sticks created stains about every two feet, otherwise known as sticker shadow. This lumber is normally sold around $15 a board foot; we are selling it through March at $3 a board foot!

The material is 5/4 (1.25) inches thick, 8"-20" inches wide, and 8'-12' feet long. It is in flitch form, so the boards have a natural edge. The stain can be planed out of some slabs; others will need to be cut, yielding two-foot increments. All material is sold as is and we are requiring a 100 board foot minimum order. If you have any questions concerning quality please give us a call (888) 814 -0007.

~To view more example photos of our Tiger Maple special boards- please click here.


**Newsletter Specials are for Newsletter subscribers only. Please mention this offer when inquiring about our products or placing an order.**


example of pippy oak flooring

~Pippy Oak Flooring Sample


sample photo rustic walnut flooring

~Walnut Rustic Flooring Sample



tiger maple special sample photo

~Sample Sticker Stained 5/4 Heavy Figured Tiger Maple

Featured Wood: English Oak

English Oak, Quercus petraea or Quercus robur, is one of the finest architectural millwork timbers. It has several interesting mutations including Burr Oak, Pippy Oak, and Brown Oak. English Burr Oak, is material cut from the burls growing on the English Oak trees- grain patterns are random and often "swirly" or "wavy". English Pippy Oak timber contains pippy figure- the "dot/ knot" patterns that you see scattered throughout. Possibly the strangest of the three, English Brown Oak is wood from an English White Oak tree that was killed by the mushrooms growing on it! The mushroom produces an acid that colors the heartwood brown but in the process breaks down the cell structure and kills the tree.

Normal English Oak material comes 4"-24" wide by 6'-14' feet. Boards can be flat sawn or quartered creating a wonderful "flake" pattern. It is a great wood for fine furniture, flooring, architectural millwork, and more! For more information or to check prices and availability please call (888) 814~0007 and ask for Ed or email him at [email protected].

~View English Oak Photo Gallery

example of pippy oak

Example of English Pippy Oak -Click Here To See More!

Announcements: Administration Building Update

Progress on the new adminstration building has slowed a bit, mainly do to a very wet winter! Since our last report we have finished the roof and installed the windows.

More updates will follow.

picture of new office building

Business Hours:

Normal Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am-4pm. Walk-ins are always welcome.  Please call ahead if there are specific slabs you are interested in seeing.  We look forward to your visit.