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Here we are in the dog days of the Pennsylvania summer; luckily we have some really cool projects to distract us from the heat.

Our new administration building is finally looking more like a construction rather than a demolition project. In the next two weeks we will have the first of our two barn raisings, way cool; look for pictures on the site. The first square is cherry; the second will be white oak. We must give credit to our mentor for the “barns”, John Ebersol, an Amish man with nearly half a century of experience.

~Rick Hearne

Recent News:

July has been another busy month for us at Hearne Hardwoods.  Rick Hearne was off on a buying trip to England.  This time it was to inspect quarter-sawn English Sycamore

Brian Hearne spent some time exploring markets in California.  Hearne Hardwoods is entertaining the idea of opening a branch on the West Coast.  We will keep you updated on any new developments.

Rick and Lee Hearne attended the AWFS Fair (Association of Woodworking & Furnishing Suppliers) in Las Vegas.  44 of the 50 states were represented in this years’ show and the attendance was up more than 100% from its last Vegas show in 2005. 

Rick, Angela Raimato, and Molly Daze were also honored to be invited to the opening of the Miquel Barceló art exhibit at the Longhouse Reserve in East Hampton, NY.   We were even more honored to be “part” of the show!  Mr. Barceló used a Bubinga slab, (measuring 2.5 inches thick, 72 inches wide, and 20 feet long) that he acquired from Hearne Hardwoods, as a “stage” to display some of his ceramic sculptures.  If you are in the area don't miss this beautiful exhibit. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with this great organization.

Art by Miquel Barcelo

~Art by Miquel Barceló

Internet Store:

We are continuing to work hard to add new products to our Internet Store. This month we hope that you will check out our "new and improved" Guitar/ Luthier Wood section. Sixteen different species are featured and we are adding more weekly. We carry exotics such as Rosewood, Koa, and Jarrah, as well as beautiful domestic species like Cherry. While many of the products are used for making acoustic guitars, we also have Billets/ Solid Body Guitar Sets, Ukulele Sets, and miscellaneous guitar making supplies.

As always we continue to strive to make your on-line shopping experience as easy as possible. Please email us with any suggestions that you may have to improve the Internet Store and/or with any items that you would like to see featured for sale.  Contact us at [email protected].

guitar set picture

Newsletter Special of the Month: Pear

For Newsletter subscribers only, Pear wood will be on special for the month of August.  Any thickness, dimension, figured, non-figured, in-stock, piece of Pear will be 20% off.  To receive your discount, please mention this offer when placing your order.    

Please call or email for more information or to place an order; (888)-814-0007 or (610)-932-7400, email [email protected]ds.com.

Picture of Swiss Pear

Featured Wood: Pear

This month’s featured wood is Pear.  Also know as Swiss Pear, European Pear, Wild Pear, Choke Pear, or Pear wood.  Pear is a member of the Rosaceae family.  It grows in Europe and Western Asia.

The heartwood in this species is a beautiful pinkish-brown.  Plain sawn material is just lovely; the grain is very fine with an even texture.  We also carry figured Pear, ranging from light to heavy.  At times, instrument grade “tiger stripe” and “flame” figure is also available.  Normal dimensions on Swiss Pear run 5-15 inches wide and 7-10 feet long; however sometimes material as wide as 20 inches and/ or as long as 14 feet is available. 

Pear is absolutely gorgeous with its great variation in color and figure pattern.  It is most commonly used in high-end furniture making, architectural millwork, and cabinetry. 

Please check out our photo gallery to see more Pear wood pictures.  Call (888)-814-0007 or (610)-932-7400 or email us at [email protected] for more information regarding price and availability.

Picture of Swiss Pear

~View Pear Photos


Hearne Hardwoods is pleased to announce that employee Kyle Wegman has won 1st Place in cabinet making at the Skills USA National Competition (Skills USA focuses on vocational trade and industry, for more information check out their website at http://skillsusa.org/index.shtml).  Over 3,000 people competed in 80 different events.  Kyle beat out 24 other competitors in the College Level Cabinetry Competition.   His task was to build an Oak end table, meeting AWI (Architectural Woodworking Institute) Standards.  Kyle is now eligible to compete in the World Skills Competition if he is chosen to represent the United States.

Kyle has become a full time employee at Hearne Hardwoods since his graduation in May from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.  He received his degree in cabinet making and wood technology. Upon graduation, Kyle was awarded highest GPA and Service to the Program.

We are very proud of Kyle’s list of accomplishments.  Currently he is working on developing an onsite Custom Cabinet Shop.  He will be providing services including but not limited to case goods and architectural millwork, including trim & moldings. Detailed information on these services, as well as pictures, will be posted in the near future on our website and available through our Internet Store.  For more information today please call (888)-814-0007 and ask for Kyle.

Picture of Kyle Wegman

Business Hours:

Normal Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am-4pm. Walk-ins are always welcome.  Please call ahead if there are specific slabs you are interested in seeing.  We look forward to your visit.