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Facility Overview

1) Over 20,000 square feet of lumber storage & retail space.
2) 67" inch capacity vertical band-saw for cutting logs.
3) 16" inch horizontal re-sawer.
4) 84" inch capacity hydraulic chain saw mill.
5) Dehumidification Kiln with 15,000 board foot drying capacity.
6) 37" Whitney helical head planer.
7) 67" inch wide belt sander.
8) 5 headed Watkins molder.
9) 21" inch Martin jointer.
10) 500,000 to 1,000,000 board feet of air drying capacity.
11) Fully equipped woodshop with sliding Felder Table saw.

In 1997, we moved to Oxford, Pennsylvania which is situated in the lovely and green County of Chester. Located in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania and about halfway between Baltimore (1 hour 15 minute drive) and Philadelphia (45 minute drive. Click Here for directions and attractions), Oxford affords us a peaceful and spacious location not too far from either major city.
Our facility is built on an 18th century homestead and includes a stucco-over-log-cabin farm house, a 3500 square foot barn with hand hewn beams, a fieldstone barn, a springhouse by the fish pond, and three other warehouses. Housed in the largest barn, our showroom features a burl and turning stock room, as well as self-serve lumber racks. Adjacent to this barn are two newer metal buildings housing the kiln, lumber storage, lumber racks, and milling machinery.

Hearne Hardwoods Inc. has all the necessary equipment to produce fine lumber. Our facilities include: 67" inch capacity vertical band-saw, 16" inch re-sawer, 84" inch capacity hydraulic chain-saw mill, 18,000 bf capacity dehumidification kilns, 37" inch helical-head planer, 67" inch wide belt sander, 5 headed molder, 21" inch jointer and a fully functional woodshop.

exotic lumber storage
exotic hardwood showroom
Most of our timber starts with the log at Hearne Hardwoods Inc. We travel all around the world purchasing only the best logs available. Once the logs are selected we have them shipped to Oxford and begin processing them. The process starts with our huge vertical band-saw. Our band-saw can handle a log 7 foot in diameter and up to 20 feet long. In rare circumstance we come across logs bigger, which we cut with our hydraulic chain-saw mill.
After the logs are cut, the lumber is stickered and stacked in the air-dry yard until it reaches approximately 15% moisture content. This process usually takes 1 year per inch of thickness for most species. All UV sensitive species such as Maple are wrapped in protective fabric to protect them. We keep around 500,000 board feet of exotic hardwoods and domestic hardwoods on sticks at any given time.
Once our air-drying hardwoods reach 15% moisture content we begin the kiln-drying process. Kiln drying is done in our 15,000 board foot dehumidification kiln. The kiln takes the moisture content out of the wood until the wood is stable and dry, which is usually between 6 to 8%. This process normally takes 2 to 3 weeks where the temperature does not rise above 140 degrees. This eliminates stresses and case hardening that some other methods are susceptible to.

When the lumber is dry, we un-stick and sort the grade lumber and begin cataloging our flitch material to make available for viewing on our website. Lumber is then stored indoors in one of our warehouses or put into our accessible lumber racks in the retail area.

vertical band saw mill
wide belt sander

When lumber is purchased we offer our customers a few milling options at an additional fee. The customer can choose to have his boards planed to any thickness on either one or two sides. Planing is done on our Whitney 37" inch capacity carbide helical-head planer. This machine can quietly and quickly surface 37" inch wide boards. The helical-head cutters can smooth out highly figured material with minimal tear-out. We can also provide a straight edge with our SCMI gang rip. With the combination of these two machines we are able to offer excellent surfaced three sided lumber.

For larger planks we offer sanding services. We have 67" inch capacity Timesaver sander. This machine is a perfect option for our single piece table top slabs. With no real feed roller pressure, it does a good job of flattening planks. Sanding / surfacing all the main services we offer here at Hearne Hardwoods Inc. For additional services please call!

2015 Milling Rates
Plane 1 Face:
$.15 per board foot
Plane 2 Faces:
$.30 per board foot
Straight Edge:
$.15 per board foot
Surface 3 Sides:
$.45 per board foot
Wide Belt Sanding:
$300 an hour
Shop Time:
$100 dollars an hour per employee
Custom Sawing:
Call For Pricing!
$100 an hour plus $.25 per lineal foot with a $50 dollar minimum.
wood mill shop overview
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