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Origin of Wood Type:
Botanical Name:
Fagus sylvatica
Specific Gravity:
Avg. Weight Per BF (?):
3.75 lb/ bf
Color Range:
Pale Pink -Brown
Rarity / Availability: (?):
Readily Available --Currently Not a Hearne Hardwoods Stock Item
Typical Avg. Width:
4" to 18 "
Typical Avg. Length:
6' to 12' feet
Avg. Waste Factor (?):

Wood Uses:

Furniture, Cabinetry, Benches, Toys, Tools, Musical Instruments, Heavy Construction, Plywood and many other uses!
lumber Grades (?):

Quarter-Sawn, Flitch

Other Trade Names:

English Beech, Danish Beech, French Beech


*Pinkish tan color
*Used mostly as a secondary speciesR
*European less nervous than American

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